Agriculture PO Greenhouse Film

The fogging period of droplets can reach 3-5 years;

The transmittance is above 92%, and the transmittance can still reach 90% in second years;

Reduce the number of drugs over 30%;

MOQ: 3 tons


Agricultural PO film is high-tech coated product and a upgrading product of EVA film.


1. excellent transparency;

2. super strong continuous fog, dripping ability:

It effectively inhibits the formation of fog. Water droplets are uniformly flowing under the membrane surface. The fogging period of droplets can reach 3-5 years. It can effectively reduce the temperature in the greenhouse and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

3. strong thermal insulation performance:

The film contains special heat preservation agent. Most of the heat radiated from the film is reflected back, effectively locking the temperature. The night temperature under the same conditions is 1-3 degrees higher than that of EVA greenhouse film. It ensures the growth temperature of crops at night and shortens the maturity period.

4. resistance to aging, high strength, long life.

5. application rolling machine, wear resistance, wind resistance.

6. anti static, no dust.

7. reduce disease and insect pests, suitable for pollution-free vegetables.

8. increase production and increase income, early listing.

9. the crop is bright in color, good in taste and good in quality.Agriculture PO Filmpo greenhouse filmpo greenhouse filmpo greenhouse film