Flowers Greenhouse Film


The characteristics of the special multifunctional greenhouse film for flowers:

The film is a new product developed for flower production. With long service life, this products use special imported resin, and adds a variety of international well-known brands of light stabilizer, antioxidant, metal passivating agent, and so on. The synergistic effect of anti aging is excellent. It can block some harmful light for flowers growth, inhibit the activity of pests, reduce and delay the infestation of the diseases, such as gray mould disease and sclerotia. The amount of pesticide was used to improve the quality of flowers.

High thermal insulation: This product selects the EVA resin with good infrared barrier property of the wavelength 9-11um as the base material, and adds the excellent infrared barrier agent, effectively preventing the heat radiating from inside to outside, and the greenhouse temperature is 2-4 centigrade higher than the PE film.

Excellent light selectivity and scattering: UV light useful to flowers can be passed; scattering properties make flowers avoid direct illumination, and make all parts evenly distributed, flowers are bright.

Note: this film is not suitable for purple flowers, purple vegetables, purple fruit cultivation, such as sea lavender, violet, purple eggplant, purple cabbage. It is also not suitable for covering crops with bee pollination in the greenhouse.