Metallocene Agricultural Film


Metallocene is a catalyst, not a monomer such as ethylene, propylene or vinyl acetate. Saying “just add more metallocene” is simplistic and does not mean the PE film will be stronger and seal with faster hot tack.

Metallocene Agricultural Film Features:

1.Tensile strength and impact strength are better than common PE film.
2.Better transparency, high light transmittance, fast thermal effect. Compared to the common PE film, light transmittance increases more than 8%. And over time, light transmittance is far better than common film, especially under weak light such as with cloudy, rainy and snowy weather.
3.Excellent anti-drip performance can last not less than 3 months, up to 5-6 months under normal condition.
4.Good weather fastness. With the action of light stabilizer, it can prevent the film’s aging, prolong the life span. The normal life span of the film is 1 year without season cracking.
5.Bringing precocity, yield increase and few diseases to crops.