PE Transparent Greenhouse Film


1. Improve the soil temperature, insulation, moisturize, improve fertilizer efficiency.

2. Control weed, anti pest, anti drought and water logging

3. To protect the root and promote the growth of seedlings


Main Applications:
– To put up plastic shed to form greenhouse;
– To raise local temperature of the shed;
– The add additives can attain special effects of protecting crops’ growing environment;

Thermic Film
A thermic film is necessary for the places where the night temperature drops below the optimum temperature necessary for the plants.

Anti Drip
An anti drip layer is always on the inner side of the plastic. It is very important to note that when a customer buys an anti drip film the anti drip side must be fixed on the inside facing the plants.

Anti Moist
The anti drip additive binds them to the film and they virtually are not moving.

UV Blocker Film
UV blocker film, a considerable decrease in white fly, thrips and other insect activity has been observed inside the greenhouse covered with UV blocker films.

With UV for 2-3 years
Non-dripping film
Anti-fog film
MLLDPE enhancing film

PE Transparent Greenhouse FilmPE Transparent Greenhouse Film