Three-layer Anti-drip Anti-fog EVA Greenhouse Film

Product specification:

width 2 – 12M, thickness 0.06mm – 0.12mm.

MOQ: 3 tons

EVA plastic film is a substitute for PVC film with the same thickness. It is used in high efficiency and energy-saving solar greenhouse. It is suitable for covering vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, melon and fruit crops in winter.


Three-layer Anti-drip Anti-fog EVA Greenhouse Film use ExxonMobil material of United States and add EVA thermal insulation resin and trickle fogging and other functional auxiliaries, so that the comprehensive performance of the film is greatly improved.

The product has the characteristics of long service life, long duration of dropping fog, good heat preservation effect and high transmittance. It is especially suitable for overwinter greenhouse covering such as solanum fruit, watermelon and leafy vegetables.

Product specification: width 2 – 12M, thickness 0.06mm – 0.12mm.


1. long life
On the basis of high quality basic resin, add Swiss imported aging resistance longevity assistant and the American EXXONMOBIL anti – piercing metallocene, so that the service life of the film is greatly improved than that of ordinary film. According to the requirement, the service life of the product can be up to 36 months by prescription adjustment.

2. the effect of non-drop fog-eliminating is obvious

Because of the addition of imported drop fogging auxiliaries, it can keep the non-dripping water and fog free for 3 to 6 months. Improve the working environment and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in fruits and vegetables.

3, good insulation effect, high transmittance

EVA resin is a new agricultural film material and used in agriculture in recent years. The resin is added to the film, which greatly improves the light transmittance, thermal insulation and weatherability of the film. Compared with other functional films, the temperature of the EVA greenhouse can be increased by 3 to 5 degrees, and the transmittance can reach over 90%. Greenhouse heating up quickly, slow heat dissipation, so that the early listing of crops, maximum improve economic income of vegetable farmers.

EVA agricultural plastic filmeva plastic filmEVA agricultural plastic film