PE Shrink Film


PE Shrink FilmWidth: 2.7m, can also custom
Thickness: 0.03mm – 0.2mm
Color: clear / blue
Raw material: new PE, clear and odorless

PE shrink film has good flexibility, impact resistance and tear resistance, is not easy to damage, is not easy to be damp, and has a large shrinkage rate, which can replace box packaging. The shrinkage rate is large, and it can be tightly wrapped after heat shrinking. When making PE straight bags (open at both ends of the bag), after heat shrinking, they can be lifted at both ends of the opening, which can bear 15kg for easy handling. With good transparency and 80% light transmittance, products can be displayed and promoted invisibly, and at the same time, distribution errors in logistics links are reduced. Moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof, it can not only achieve the packaging effect, but also beautify and protect the product.

PE shrink film has low requirements for heat sealing equipment and can be operated on most heat sealing machines. No smoke is generated during heat sealing, and it has wide heat sealing temperature range.
The longitudinal shrinkage rate of PE shrink film is large, the shrinkage rate is generally ≥30%, and the collective packaging ability is strong.


Food packaging applications; lactic acid bacteria beverage, jelly, soup product packaging; medicine, cold product packaging or accumulation packaging; cosmetics and daily necessities packaging; audio and video products, mobile phones, electrical appliances, stationery, daily necessities, toys, etc.PE Shrink Film