Steel / Aluminum Plate Packaging Film

Thickness: 0.02 – 0.14 mm

Material: PE

Width: custom

Length: custom

Application: surface protection film


Steel / Aluminum Plate Packaging Protective Film:

Material: PE

Thickness: 0.02 – 0.14 mm

Width: custom

Length: custom

Application: surface protection filmAluminum Plate Packaging Film

Polyethylene (PE) film moisture and vapor barrier is widely used in construction, packaging and outdoor industries. It has good moisture and vapor barrier properties, and is especially suitable for ground moisture barriers and vapor barriers for building enclosure systems.

PE protective film is used in the hardware industry, such as computer cases, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, titanium sheet, plastic steel sheet, glass sheet, solar panel and so on.

Usage of Industrial and Construction ProtectionAluminum Plate Packaging Film

1. Stainless steel protective film: To protect the surface of the stainless steel plate, such as 2B plate, BA plate, 304, etc.

2. Aluminum plate protective film

3. Profile protective film: To protect all kinds of profile surface, such as plastic profiles, glass profiles, PVC profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, steel profiles, window and door profiles.

4. Aluminum Composite panel protective film

5. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer protective film

6. Sandwich colored steel plate protective film

7. Painted metal protective film

8. Pre-coated plate protective film

9. Fireproof wood panel protective film

10. Decorative wood veneer protective film

11. PMMA and Acrylic sheet protective film

12. Garage door plate and anti-theft door plate protective film

13. Nameplate and advertisement plate protective film

14. Mirror protective film

Usage of Optoelectronics industry:

1. LCD liquid crystal display

2. Backlight board

3. Cold light film

4. Membrane switch

5. Mobile phone screen

Usage of Plastic industry:

1. ABS, PP injection products

2. PVC sheet

3. Acrylic board

4. Meter

5. Plastic lens

6. Surface protection of painted parts

Usage of Wire and cable industry:

PE protective film is used in the wire and cable industry to protect shaft-mounted copper wires, semi-finished products, finished products, and rolled products. It can effectively prevent dust pollution, and has anti-oxidation and anti-fouling effects.