Printable Hardware Plastic Layflat Tubing Bag


Printable Hardware Plastic Layflat Tubing BagPlastic films are widely used in packaging.

Plastic film can be used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, daily necessities packaging, clothing packaging, etc. They have one thing in common, that is, they must be color printed on plastic films, and as food packaging, process operations such as multi-layer compounding or vacuum aluminum plating are also required. Therefore, it is required that the surface free energy of the plastic film be high and the wet tension be large to facilitate the strong adhesion of the printing ink, adhesive or aluminized layer to the plastic film; during the production of plastic film reeling and high-speed packaging, then the film surface is required to have certain friction properties to prevent the film from sticking or slipping; when used in packaging for electrical appliances, electronic products, etc., the film is required to have certain antistatic properties, etc.

PE bags are widely used, mainly used to manufacture films, containers, pipes, wires and cables, daily necessities, etc., and can be used as high-frequency insulation materials for televisions, radars, etc.

According to the material: PE is divided into LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE.

According to the production process, it is divided into: PE open bag, ziplock bag, chain bag, envelope bag, punching tote bag, handle tote bag, zipper bag, and other bags.

Our plastic packaging bags can be widely used in the packaging of paints, metal screws, pipe profiles, cosmetics, pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, detergents, water treatment agents, additives, detergents, clothing, luggage toys, crafts and other products.Printable Hardware Plastic Layflat Tubing BagPrintable Hardware Plastic Layflat Tubing Bag

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