Disposable Clear Plastic Car Cover

Size for Reference:

Small size — 3.5m*6m*20um for cars lower than 4.4m;

Medium size — 3.8m*6.6m*20um for cars lower than 4.9m;

Large – medium – sized SUV and large car– 4.8m*7.5m*20um;

Super size — customized size for medium and large SUV


Material: PE

Size: 3.5m*6m/3.8m*6.6m/4.8m*7.5m

Color: Transparent in common use, other colors also acceptable

Type: Punching, double stitching, diamond stitching

Style: Finished edges, tailored corners, color- matched thread

Design: Smooth design, Perforated design, Ribbed Design

Main function: Protecting your car from sand, dust, pollen, droppings, acid rain, snow, branches and leaves, frost dew and oil, etc.


– Durable car cover made from high quality polyethylene
– Sold in pieces/rolls
– Small, Medium and Big Size to suit almost all sedans
– Reusable and disposable design for fully usage
– Weather-proof design to withstand dust, rain, dirt
– Non-abrasive design prevent cars from being scratched
– Lightweight design in compact size, easy to transport and move

-Lightweight and soft material, easy to carry, good toughness and durability, can be used for many times.
-Small occupation, easy for storage, disposable, economic benefits;
– Drawstring design at the bottom makes it better to complete outdoor wind protection task;
-Sun proof, high-temperature resistant, cold-resistant

You can also keep one in your trunk for when you drive your car or take it to a show and the weather is not that great. Now if it starts to rain you can simply take it out cover the car and when the rain is finished take it off and your car is dry in seconds. This is like a car rain coat, even in heave rain or wind with the elastic band it will not blow off.

When it gets wet you can towel dry it or drape it over you everyday car and let it dry. The wind will blow it around and get the water drops off and the sun will dry it. As with any plastic it should not be allowed to dry and stick on on a wet surface.