Pre-Taped Masking Film


Main size: 4mx2.5m,4mx5m, 4mx6m, 4mx8m, 4mx10m, 4mx12.5m, 2mx25m, 2mx50m, 6ftx12ft, 8ftx12ft, 9ftx12ft, 10ftx20ft, 9x400ft

Main thickness: 5micron-200micron

Production process: blowing, folding, packing, shipping


Standard Size:

0.55 x 33m, 1.1m x 33m, 1.4m x 33m, 1.8m x 33m, 2.1m x 33m, 1.1m x 20m, 1.4m x 20m, 2.1m x 20m, 2.7m x 20m


1. Pretaped masking film with normal masking tape.
2. Easy to apply and remove.
3. Clings to surfaces and is easy to clean up.
4. Corona and static treated HDPE film with paper masking tape on one side.
5. Cling to the surface easily.
6. masking foil and masking tape for application in one single process.
7. special foil withself-adhesive,electro atatically chargerd and excellent adherence onpaint
8. dispenser system for refill packs.


It is widely applied to indoor and outdoor decoration, painting and shielding, protecting floor furniture, doors and windows, etc., and also applies to car beauty, exterior wall renovation and so on.

Large furniture, floor protection, wall protection, car spray paint and other large areas of shielding, can select 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.7m wide;

Small goods, brush walls, shaded edges, irregular stitching and other small areas covering, can select 1.4m, 1.1m, 0.55 wide.

Pre-Taped Masking FilmPre-Taped Masking FilmPre-Taped Masking Film